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Stryx - webseries

STRYX is a web series in 6 episodes of roughly 10 minutes each and is set in the XVI century in the south of Switzerland.

This project is completely independent and low budget, and it was funded through a crowdfunding campaign. 

We believe the story has great potential, so we are open for remakes into other forms, such as feature length or TV series.



Year 1583 AD, Republic of the Three Leagues. When the Inquisition arrives in a valley where freedom of worship reigns, the healers Miriana and Sofia are forced to follow the customs of the Catholic faith lest they be accused of witchcraft. Will that be enough to save them?



Year 1607. In his study, Achille Gagliardi, a priest now dying, tells his seminarian what had happened more than twenty years earlier, when the Cardinal Archbishop of Milan went on a pastoral visit to the Swiss valleys.

Year 1583. Leonardo is a young priest-in-training who is sent undercover by Achille to work alongside Giovanni, the official of a village in the Free State of the Three Leagues.

There is freedom of religion in this valley: Catholics and Protestants can live together without being persecuted, unlike in neighboring cantons. Many Catholics, however, by dint of living together with Protestants, have become accustomed to their customs, creating a kind of 'hybrid' faith. Others begin to believe that 'evil' is creeping into the valley: every little incident with livestock or harvest gone wrong is attributed to the devil. Sofia and Miriana are the healers of the village, so their knowledge and power are perceived as a blessing by some and as a curse by others.


Leonardo reports every detail to his mentor Achille who, reading the letters carefully, deems the Cardinal's presence and intervention necessary to restore order. Sofia is warned by Officer Giovanni, who is obsessed with her, of the arrival of the coven and the impending danger. His wife Lavinia, however, is pregnant and there are complications in her pregnancy, so she requires Sofia's help, who does not back down despite the complicated situation. Miriana tries to protect Sofia, but also gets romantically close to Leonardo, who starts to feel a deep inner conflict because of this connection. Lavinia's botched birth becomes the scapegoat for accusing Sofia of witchcraft. Miriana manages to save herself with the help of Leonardo and the sacrifice of their friend Domenico, the village priest.


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